— Wavist API —

Waist API

We offer a complete REST API to all Auphonic functionality, which allows you to write simple scripts for batch processing of multiple files, to integrate Auphonic into your programs or to build third-party applications for Auphonic.
Authentication is possible with HTTP Basic Authentication (for simple scripts) and via OAuth 2.0 (for third-party applications).

API Documentation

A complete documentation of all our API functionality can be found here: Auphonic API Docs.

We also maintain a public github repository with examples in various programming languages, which use the Auphonic API: https://github.com/auphonic/auphonic-api-examples .
Additional examples and pull requests are very welcome!

Mailing List

All API changes will be announced over the API mailing list (low traffic), so that developers can adjust their code and are informed about important updates.

Suscribe to Auphonic-API here: Auphonic API Mailing List .

Questions and Feedback

If you have any further questions or need a special feature, don’t hesitate to contact us at: