— Development Tools —

Wavist is a free, cross-platform, REST audio API which allows you to integrate Wavist into your programs, or to build third-party applications. It lets you write audio programs that will comply and run on many platforms including OS, Android & Windows. Using the Wavist API, you can build applications that take audio on the web to the next level.

  • Wavist API

    Build applications that allow users to upload and share sounds across the web

  • Waist SDK

    The SDKs will make it easier to access the Wavist API on your framework of choice

  • Embedded Player

    Learn how to control the widget from the page the widget is inserted into

  • Branding kit

    It’s always nice to give people credit for their work. If you’re building an app that uses data provided by Wavist and our community it’s best to give attribution.