— Our Vision: A World of Sound —

Audio is incredibly powerful and nothing can match its speed, emotion, and nuance. At Wavist, we’re building something new to amplify the power of Audio, and combine it with everything else in our daily lives. With the global adoption of smart mobile devices, users now have the ability to record, store, search and share massive amounts of previously inaccessible, unusable & non-monetizable audio data. The world is about to change again!
We are a small team of experienced designers and engineers based in Florida. Currently, we are partnering with audio, speech & digital signal processing institutes across the world. The data stored with Wavist is private, and will only be shared with these research institutes at the users request. Also, we are always open for new projects and collaborations – please contact us if you want to work with us.
Wavist improves constantly – Stay connected to get updated about our upcoming features.

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